Fluent.ai is getting noticed! Make sure not to miss Fluent.ai’s most recent media features.

Fluent.ai has been highlighted as a leader in the voice technology space in multiple major news outlets across North America. Here are some of the key articles you don’t want to miss:

EP&T (22/10/2020):

Check out this byline from Fluent.ai CEO Probal Lala in EP&T for insights on the rise of voice AI-enabled hardware and how Fluent fits into this space. Lala discusses the growing trend in voice technology away from cloud-based solutions that put consumer data at risk, to offline, embedded solutions like Fluent’s patented speech-to-intent software. Eliminating the need for an internet connection makes Fluent’s products not only private-by-design but also small footprint and low latency, allowing them to work on small, low power devices. Lala explains as consumers continue to expect more natural communication with their devices, Fluent’s solutions are designed to provide just that while ensuring privacy and peace of mind. 

Globe and Mail (26/11/2020):

This write-up by reporter Liza Agbra underscores Fluent.ai’s “plans to take on tech giants” by “recognizing speech in any language, no internet required”. In the piece, Fluent’s founder & CTO Vikrant Singh Tomar highlights “we need to get the internet out of the Internet of Things. We can have just smart devices – why do they have to be online?”  

Digital Trends (12/01/2021):

Fluent.ai was featured in several pre-CES 2021 round-ups, including this one in Digital Trends. In an unprecedented year, CES moved to an all-digital platform and Fluent.ai shined. The round-up shines a spotlight on the aspects of Fluent’s voice technology that make it a leader in the sector, including fully offline capabilities and multilingual solutions.

Unite.ai (13/01/2021):

Fluent.ai’s founder & CTO Vikrant Singh Tomar was featured in the Unite.ai Interview series. In the profile, he discusses his passion for speech technologies, entrepreneurship, and how Fluent.ai’s multilingual speech understanding solutions raise the bar in the voice recognition tech space. 

Retail Touchpoints (25/01/2021):

Read all about Fluent.ai CEO Probal Lala’s views on how voice technology is impacting the retail sector in Retail Touchpoints. He highlights how the pandemic has changed the retail game, especially with consumers’ expectations shifting to contactless solutions. Lala suggests that  “by investing in voice and speech recognition technology, retailers can successfully adapt to the long-term shifts in consumer behavior”.

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