Fluent.ai Introduces Product Rebrand and Website Revamp Ahead of Company Growth

Fluent.ai is excited to unveil our newly redesigned website and launch the rebrand of our state-of-the-art direct speech to intent engine Fluent.ai Core to Fluent.ai Air (Automatic Intent Recognition). These changes reflect the growth and evolution of the company as we continue to innovate voice interface software solutions that allow everyone to be better understood by their technology.

This rebranding, in conjunction with the revamp of our website, is aimed at communicating Fluent.ai’s speech understanding AI technology and software products more clearly to our global electronics OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) customers and their end users.

The strategic rebrand of Fluent.ai Core to Fluent.ai Air strengthens the brand identity of this solution as the world’s first truly direct speech-to-intent engine that enables consumer electronics device OEMs and ODMs to integrate fully offline voice user interfaces into their products and services for any language or accent. 

The patented speech-to-intent technology that powers Fluent.ai Air directly understands a person’s speech without needing to convert it to text first. This groundbreaking approach results in faster, more accurate speech understanding in a smaller footprint than conventional cloud-based technologies. Fluent.ai Air also offers a noise and distance robustness that provides near-perfect accuracy in any environment.

Fluent.ai Air advances speech recognition technology with multilingual features that can support a variety of languages in a single model. This allows home hub users in a multilingual household, for example, to switch seamlessly between different languages with no need to reconfigure language settings in between. Fluent.ai Air also offers unparalleled personalization features, enabling users to train their own commands offline, directly on their device. For example, with just a few utterances, “Abracadabra” can be established as the training command to turn on smart lights instead of the phrase “turn on the lights”. All of these features make Fluent.ai Air a versatile technology that can be integrated with a wide variety of products with use cases across different industries.

We invite you to learn more about Fluent.ai and Fluent.ai Air on our new website that features an updated look and feel, and an improved user interface. The new website allows our customers, business partners and stakeholders to easily access the latest updates on our portfolio of voice AI technology and software solutions to provide small footprint embedded, robust and multilingual speech understanding for the world’s devices.