Applications is a leader in speech understanding and voice user interface solutions.


Smart Home’s innovative speech-to-intent solutions enable intuitive, robust and private-by-design voice command control for smart home appliances, smart remotes and more. Imagine the convenience of telling your air conditioner to cool down your living room or lowering the volume on your TV without lifting a finger, and knowing your voice data never even left the room.

The advantages of voice-enabled smart home and appliances

Embedded, offline solutions ease consumer privacy concerns of cloud-based devices in the home

Noise robust speech recognition performs accurately even with noise from appliances such as washing machines and oven rangehoods, or background noise from music, chatter, or the TV

Low power consumption prolongs battery life

Low latency solutions deliver a rapid response, natural voice user interface experience

Multi-language/multi-accent capabilities provide OEMs flexibility to ship a single SKU across multiple geographic regions

Sample Use Cases:

Air conditioners

Microwaves, ovens & rangehoods

Washing machines & dryers

Smart switches

Universal remotes

Security cameras


Sample Use Cases:

Smart watches & fitness trackers

Wireless earbuds


Wearables / Hearables’s embedded voice solutions give users the freedom to go anywhere, do anything, and keep their smart voice capabilities with them wherever they go. From smartwatches and fitness trackers to headphones and earbuds, processes voice on the edge, giving users the flexibility and hands-free convenience of accurate voice command control in any environment.

The advantages of voice-enabled small devices

Fully offline technology provides users the convenience of voice command control in any environment, even without an internet connection

Small footprint solutions enable embedded voice recognition for even the tiniest of devices

Low power consumption means always-on devices aren’t drained by their smart voice capabilities, and users can enjoy their devices on the go for longer

Noise robust solutions avoid the frustration inaccurate or unresponsive voice recognition in noisy outdoor environments such as a busy street, or while using indoor exercise equipment

Factory Automation

On noisy factory floors,’s voice solutions have a demonstrated ability to maintain high accuracy and increase production efficiency. With workplace safety a top priority,’s solutions take physical and mental pressure off of factory workers.

The advantages of voice-enabled smart factories

Noise robust solutions offer high accuracy voice recognition even in factory noise

Voice-enabled controls improve ergonomics for factory workers’s solutions help cut down assembly time and improve efficiency, saving costs to manufacturers in the long run.


Partnership with BSH to Voice Automate the Assembly Line

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